Way out west!

by Luke Galea

Well yeeehaaa!! I just love making the long drive out west in pursuit of toga and sootys. Well toga more-so of course but certainly the abundance of big brute sootys sure does fill in time between toga bites.

Last Sunday my mate Rhys and I decided it was time to catch the first toga for 2015 so we loaded the punt and electric and left Mackay at sparrows. I have fished this place many times in the yak but this time we decided on the lazy option with the tinny which was certainly a very nice change and I wasn’t so sore by the end of the day!

Upon arrival the cicada’s were absolutely deafening….so as any fisherman would do….we matched the hatch to a tee and tied on the Megabass Grand Siglet…a surface walker. Check out the pic of the lure below next to the live Cicada I scooped out of the water. Apart from the colour, its almost a mirror image, Even down to the vein lines in the wings. This lure accounted for 3 or 4 nice sootys before we decided to change it up to something more challenging.

Canging to a Megabass Dog-X junior stickbait in one of the new colours and had similar success as well. Awesome structure peppered every 5 metres of river bank on both sides of the creek and it sure was a pleasure being out fishing in gods country and being immersed in the tranquility of it all. Poppers, stickbaits and walkers accounted for at least 20 more or so sootys before it came 9am and I decided to tie on a little hardbody, a gold wolf atomic shiner in This lure got hammered every couple of casts but the crazy things was, all I was now catching were catfish as they must have been plentiful down deeper.

While I was ridding myself of another catfish, Rhys keenly noticed a bit of swirling activity out in the main stream so he fired in a cast. A few seconds later, the water erupted around his popper and he was onto the first toga of the day. Not a massive fish but hey, a toga is a toga and that was what we were there for. I soon followed suit and ended up with a nice little saratoga of my own on the atomic shiner.Not as awesome as catching them on surface but hey I wasn’t complaining

I was trialling a new rod on this occasion, a new 6-12lb Samurai Kestrel and had it matched up to my Shimano Stella 3000FE. Such a beautiful and gutsy combo, some may say it would be overkill for this sort of thing, however, some of the sootys we landed and the sticks we had to pull them out of certainly made me grateful for the heavier gear.