Megabass X Dad

by Tom Deer

Moving house recently and things were a bit in dis-array however, Bridget and I decided we could take time out for a trip to the River Murray, one of her favourite places. Packing the fishing gear in the boat I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. After a 1.5 hour journey we arrived at the boat ramp, it was then that I realised I had forgotten the Minn Kota electric motor, of all things.

Oh well. I tried to find some areas that I thought would hold some yellowbelly and which had favourable current and wind running parallel to the river bank. This was working fine for us until the wake boats started up on the river and we had to use the oars occasionally to keep the boat off the rocks.

We managed to land three yellas’ and lost a further three. Most of the time we were using the Megabass X Dad (Glass Shrimp) which enabled us to fish a little deeper and wider from the bank as the X Dad dives to over 3m on a long cast. I also tricked up the X Dad by replacing the middle treble with a Gamakatsu wide gape and the rear double with a smaller size 6 Gamakatsu double hook. The effect I was looking for was to make the lure a little more buoyant and therefore less likely to snag on the bottom, the modifications worked a treat.


It just goes to show that even though things can conspire against you its often very rewarding to adapt and persist.