Megabass Siglet Bass

by Tom Deer

On a recent trip to southern NSW on my home from a Bass Nation event I decided to stop off at Brogo Dam for a bit of topwater action. Arriving at the dam the conditions were perfect, no wind, plenty of shadow on the water, and a light fog.

I tied on one of my favourite topwater baits, the Siglet, and proceeded to explore the edges of the dam and it didn’t take long to find the bass, however most of the fish were quite small. Some were so tiny that the couldn’t even get the lure into their mouth, such is the aggressive nature of our native bass.

Moving quietly along I eventually found where the larger specimens were hiding and managed a few nice ones. As the sun rose higher in the sky I found that I had to keep the siglet in the strike zone for long in order to induce a take. This is where the Siglet excels over other topwater lures, is unique shape enables you to “shake” the lure and the flexing of it’s wings keeps it almost stationary while emitting enticing sounds and ripples attracting cautious fish. Usually when the fish are more aggressive and keen to move further from their cover, you can simply cast near structure and begin a slow wind which will see the lure waddle across the surface on its wings creating a wake and commotion fish find irresistible.