Megabass Live X Smolt

by Tom Deer

Another great session on black bream with the Megabass Live X smolt. The smolt is such a great lure for blacks. It suspends beautifully to keep it in the face of choosey fish and has a quality finish. Another cool feature about it is the Multiway Moving Balancer System, something that I don’t fully understand. Suffice to say it gives this classic jerk minnow a wildly erratic movement which, when punctuated with a pause, is irresistible to black bream.

Something else that I do to give this lure a great action is to use a gamakatsu hyper ez snap in size 1. These snaps not only allow the lure to dart around, they make changing lures so easy if you find you would prefer a different colour.

DSC01447 copy DSC01448 copy DSC01442 copy DSC01446 copy