Megabass Bass V3 Bullet Shad Mini

by Tom Deer

Fishing recently on a southern NSW dam for bass I had a great morning session on topwater lures however, as the sun rose in the sky the surface bite dried up. I was sure that the bass were still in the area but needed a lure that would get down into the dark depths of the dam, given that there was an abundance of sunken timber and weed in the water, so the logical choice was a spinnerbait.

The V3 Bullet Shad Mini produces a great vibration at slower speeds, and plus, I liked the colour. The tactic worked a treat and it didn’t take long to prove that the fish were still in the area and on the chew.

The technique I used was to make a medium length cast and allow the lure to sink to the bottom. Once there all that was required was a slow and steady retrieve back to the boat with the takes coming anywhere through the retrieve duration. It’s a simple technique that will produce not only on bass, but many other native freshwater dwelling species such as cod and yellowbelly too.