It’s a hard life being this irresistible – Megabass Dog X Jr

So you may have gathered that I am not talking about myself here. What I am talking about however is just how irresistible the Megabass Dog-X Jr is. I have used a lot of surface walkers in my time but NONE of them have as sweet an action as this little beauty. Yes they may be a little more expensive than some of the other brands but you really do get what you pay for and anyone who knows the Megabass range will vouch for the fact they have produced some of the most unique looking and effective lures on the market. They are premium quality and this equals more fish.

I recently set out on a sweetwater trekking mission to a section of river I hadn’t fished before…and will I be back? You bloody bet! It was without doubt, the best sweetwater mangrove jacks session I had ever experienced and to make it better, they were all sizable (between 40 and 45cm) and they were all caught on these top water stickbaits. It was so awesome.

I first stepped foot in the river bed at 5am (first light) with a goal of walking a 6km stretch. It is hard work walking this far, in and out of the water, clambering over slippery boulders, through dense stream bank vegetation and in the midst of sweltering Summer heat….but I love pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion.

I was loaded with my 6-12lb Samurai Infinite, Twinpower 3000 spooled with 14lb braid and 20lb leader. I know many people whole would use far heavier line weights and rod weights when targeting jacks and I don’t blame them, as these red devils are ruthless thugs…but I have complete confidence in the quality of the gear I use. In addition to the strength of this rod, the use of microguides has enabled me to cast more accurately as well which has led to more strikes and more fish.

Every time I cast my stickbait downstream of the flowing rapids, it would get annihilated. The jacks were schooled up in the waterholes directly downstream of the rapids where the food was being funnelled directly to them. Not to mention the fact that this water was highly oxygenated. Geez they were hungry though as you can certainly see in the images where my stickbait is completely engulfed in the mouth of one of the fish.

Jacks are such a special fish, but catching 4 jacks in a session between 40 and 45cm and in the freshwater was truly something special. All made possible by the seductive action of this awesome lure. Without doubt the most used topwater lure in my tackle box. You can tell by the lack of paint left on the lure. It has seen some serious action and it may just be time to retire this little beauty to the trophy room.

Live It…Breathe It…

Luke Galea