Good Vibrations….

by Luke Galea

Lately I have been having an absolute ball on blades/vibes, catching a wide array of estuary species. To be honest, I hadn’t used them all too often for fear of snagging up, instead I usually opted to tie on a soft plastic instead as I deemed them to be more sacrificial.

However, I have chosen to gives the vibes a good crack over the last few months and they have not let me down.

I believe one good reason why they have performed through the roof is due to the extra vibration they emit. The vibration is insane and is usually enough tempt even the most lethargic of predators during these cool winter months. Characteristically summer dwelling fish like barramundi and mangrove jack may well be a bit sluggish during winter, however, the vibration emitted is usually enough to get the reaction strike even if they aren’t overly hungry.

There are 2 brands of vibes I have been using lately that have proven to be absolutely dynamite. These are the newly released Megabass X-Drift and the Atomic Semi-Hardz 60mm.

The Megabass X-Drift comes in at 14grams and 68mm in length. This makes it the perfect jelly bean sized offering for everything from large black bream through to barramundi and everything else in between. It even comes complete with a feathery fish attractor at the rear end. The thing I love most about them though is that the fact that they have a segmented profile which makes them look very similar to a prawn. Even the shape of this vibe looks a lot like a prawn. This is a GOOD THING as EVERYTHING eats a prawn! (This is the reason why the atomic prong is my favourite soft plastic of all times).

The 60mm atomic semi-hardz has also been going great guns for me personally. It is a bit heavier, but does contain through-wire construction and is made from a very durable rubber. It’s a material somewhere between a hardbody and soft plastic. One thing about them though is the fact that they are tough as nails! I have caught a bunch of toothy critters on them now and they have not torn nor ripped.

If you are into your blade fishing or just starting out, do yourself a favour and give the couple of brands a go. You won’t be disappointed.