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Way out west!

by Luke Galea Well yeeehaaa!! I just love making the long drive out west in pursuit of toga and sootys. Well toga more-so of course but certainly the abundance of big brute sootys sure does fill in time between toga bites. Last Sunday my mate Rhys and I decided it was time to catch the […]

Surface Smashing Sooty Grunter

By Cliff Mann Good lord it’s been a slow year on the barra. A prolonged cold winter has made for some tough conditions and I’ve had to work very hard to get a bite. The surface strike from a barra stops your heart and makes you have to think about breathing again, and since they’ve […]

Megabass – Simply sensational!

by Luke Galea Well all I can say is WOW! My most recent kayak fishing session was truly one of the most memorable sessions I have ever had. The main underlying goal for me was to test out some of the new Megabass lures (namely the Beetle-X’s and Orochi coloured Dog-X Jnr) on our resident […]