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Way out west!

by Luke Galea Well yeeehaaa!! I just love making the long drive out west in pursuit of toga and sootys. Well toga more-so of course but certainly the abundance of big brute sootys sure does fill in time between toga bites. Last Sunday my mate Rhys and I decided it was time to catch the […]

Megabass – Simply sensational!

by Luke Galea Well all I can say is WOW! My most recent kayak fishing session was truly one of the most memorable sessions I have ever had. The main underlying goal for me was to test out some of the new Megabass lures (namely the Beetle-X’s and Orochi coloured Dog-X Jnr) on our resident […]

Megabass Beetle X New Surface Lure

The Beetle X is available now in 6 colours. Check out this little vid we shot in Coffs Harbour recently.

Targeting Tricky Toga

by Luke Galea There could be no arguing that Saratoga would be one of the most spectacular looking freshwater fish there are. Their appearance verges on prehistoric and to be honest, they would not look out of place swimming around with the dinosaurs. Every scale is marked with unique red/brown spots like an Albert Nemertjira […]