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Megabass Anthrax 83 – twitch it, pop it, crank it, wake it!

By Mat Cameron Even for the high standards and levels of ingenuity from Megabass, the Anthrax is nothing short of outstanding. It is arguably the most versatile surface lure on the market, which is of great benefit for the angler as the retrieve can be varied to trigger that strike from the fish. The 83mm […]

Brilliant Blades

Blades would have to be one of my favourite lure presentations. This is one extremely versatile piece of fishing weaponry that is guaranteed to catch fish all year round. With 3 different tow points, the Atomic Hardz Metalz and Megabass Blading x range are ideal for all fishing styles. I typically keep it simple and […]

Megabass Bass V3 Bullet Shad Mini

by Tom Deer Fishing recently on a southern NSW dam for bass I had a great morning session on topwater lures however, as the sun rose in the sky the surface bite dried up. I was sure that the bass were still in the area but needed a lure that would get down into the […]

Little Bass on the Megabass

by Luke Galea I just returned from a nice relaxing 10 days away in Bundy, and like always I just had to sneak out for a sneaky bass session from my yak in Lake Gregory – one of the most picturesque impoundments I have ever fished. Living in Mackay, we have it pretty good when […]

Exploring Skinny Water

by Zac Skyring It pays to never pass up skinny water. Some of the most unlikely looking sections of creeks can produce the biggest surprises. Those spots where you think would not be possible to hold any fish of substance can occasionally blow you away. There was a session in the far upper reaches of […]

Megabass Beetle X New Surface Lure

The Beetle X is available now in 6 colours. Check out this little vid we shot in Coffs Harbour recently.

Megabass Siglets New Colours

For anyone serious about fishing for bass and EPs with surface lures, the Megabass Siglet would undoubtedly have pride of place in their tackle box. These iconic cicada imitations have landed more of these fish than we care to remember and now it just got better with some new colours available for summer. Bass and […]

Summer time is Siglett time

By Paul Malov With summer here for us Mexicans (Victorians!) and the water warm, it only means one thing, throwing surface lures like the Megabass Siglet at hungry Estuary Perch and Australian Bass! There are a number of retrieves that work spectacularly well with these lures and it’s just a matter of mixing up your […]